DEX 101 in Montréal, Canada (May-July 2011)

by DEXters on May 24, 2011

From mid-May 2011 until June/July, DEX 101 workshops are in full effect in the city of Montreal, Canada.

DEX 101 in Montréal, Canada (May-July 2011)

"Magnum DI" driving JaBig crazy to the amusement of other participants. Magnum's grasped the basic concepts at lightning speed and in the process got a little bit carried away :). Click image for more photos courtesy of Robert Strukelj.

We knew that the program was going to be popular in the so called “Cultural Capital of Canada” but the response was nothing short of overwhelming: we had scheduled two sessions a week but the demand pushed us to six/week!

A big thank you to Club U.N. for graciously allowing us to use their venue. U.N. is without a doubt Montreal’s number one underground House Music club and it hosts superstar international DJs on a weekly basis. What is so cool for DEX 101 participants is that they get to learn how to DJ on the world’s top-notch DJ equipment including a mixer that is so rare that there are less than 200 available worldwide!

The most interesting thing to note is that the workshop seems to be more popular with women of all ages which led us to wonder if the reason that less than 1% of DJs worldwide (and we’re being optimistic) are women is simply due to the fact that they’re not exposed to the art all?

Read the kind words that one DEX 101 attendee wrote in after the workshop on how to DJ:

“JaBig is a straight shooter when it comes to teaching people how to DJ. I knew nothing about turntables, but with his patience he taught me the importance of how music really affect people. Like what kind of music to play in what kind of different crowds.

I’m so glad he’s taking the time to teach others like me. I’ve always been a lover of music and now JaBig has inspired me to create music and I thank him.”Magnum DI – Montréal, May 2011

Below is a video made of a compilation of photographs taken at one of the workshops. It was overcrowded because almost every attendee decided to bring a friend who also wanted to learn how to DJ!

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