Montreal Winter Workshops Coming Up

by DEXters on February 1, 2011

DEX 101 is gearing up for Montreal’s winter DJ introductory workshops. We will be visiting and presenting our highly anticipated programmes to schools and youth centers in the city (list coming shortly).

We can hardly contain our excitement as the date for the first atelier approaches even if some of us are already whining at the idea of hauling heavy DJ gear in freezing weather conditions… (note from JaBig: yup! Guilty as charged… February is freezing cold in Montréal :))

While prepping for our free youth DJ workshops, we kept hearing from the big kids (you know, the ones that are in their mid-20s and above) who complained about being excluded from the programmes. It turns out that dreams of deejaying are dormant in everyone no matter the age!

To make everyone happy, we have decided to conduct a series of fee-based DJ workshops for big kids. While the youth workshops are and will always be free to all, the adult programmes’ proceeds will help fund DEX 101 operations to keep the project running at no cost to young participants.

Additionally, proceeds from adult programmes will also fight child hunger in developing countries worldwide as parts of the funds will be donated to United Nations World Food Programme in support of School Meals, their school feeding initiative.

So if you’re a big kid and you want to discover the art of DJing, you may now rejoice because we’re accommodate you and at the kicker is that while you spin records, you will be helping feed underprivileged children a continent away.

Stay tuned for more.

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