Rave Reviews + Testimonials

Slowly but surely, the world, starting with the DJ and music community, is getting wind of DEX 101 and we’re so very grateful for the kudos.

Read what our friends, fans, students, supporters and partners have been saying about DEX 101’s impact on introducing the art of DJing to thousands worldwide and its role in raising awareness about global hunger.

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What School, Youth Organisations & Other “Clients” Say…

“I know I thanked you yesterday (read the official “thank you” letter) but I wanted you to know that it was said that this was the best activity of the summer so far! :)” Mikaella Goldsmith, Program Coordinator (L.O.V.E  – Leave Out Violence – Québec)

“Juste pour te dire que tous les jeunes ont vraiment apprécié l’activité que tu as offerte hier. Ils étaient vraiment heureux quand ils sont revenus au bureau.
Donc, au nom de tous ces jeunes et de tous les membres de LOVE: Vivre sans violence, UN GROS GROS MERCI POUR LE SOUTIEN.” Kiki Dranias, Director of Marketing & Communications (L.O.V.E  – Leave Out Violence – Québec)

(Loose translation for English speakers: Just to tell that every single youth enjoyed the activity that you offered yesterday. They were really happy when they came back to the office. So, in the name of all those young people and all the LOVE (Leave Out Violence) members: A BIG THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT.”)

What Professional DJs Say…

jojoflores, Stylus Awards “2010 + 2011 Best DJ of Canada” (Montreal, Canada)

“Dex 101 is an amazing concept. Who better than JaBig to bring this to the world. JaBig’s experience behind the decks, his patience and ability to communicate in 3 languages will really enhance this project. I’m excited to be a part of Dex 101”


DJ ZO (Geneva, Switzerland/Montreal, Canada)

“Being a close friend of JaBig, having worked and collaborated with him on several occasions and being a co-founder of a DJ school myself, I am very enthusiastic and optimistic about his project to share his knowledge and passion with young aspiring DJs all over the world.

Music is a universal and ageless language, I’ve had students between 50 and most recently as young as 12 year old, from different nationalities who showed me the joy they got from learning, discovering or deepening the art of dj-ing, so my thought to JaBig is: Let’s spread more joy  and at the same time contribute to helping the less fortunate in our own humble way !!!”



Toddy Flores aka Kid K.I.C.K.S, International DJ/Sneaker collector (Montréal, Canada)

“Music knows no boundaries or prejudices.  Spreading the love of music through Dj workshops is a VERY hands-on way to interact with people who would NEVER get the chance to learn or know what a DJ does.  I would love to take part in JaBig’s journey as it will also help me as an artist to meet new people from different places and societies.  Travel safe and spread Love & peace through music.” –



Amrew Weekes aka Lady Oracle, CJLO 1690 AM Radio (Montreal, Canada)

“JaBig has DJed for many years and travelled the world doing what he enjoys .   To do a world tour while helping others is a challenging and rewarding undertaking which JaBig is more than capable of handling.

Dex 101 is a wonderful project as many children in third world countries just like us love music and love to party & would truly benefit from learning the skills to DJ.  It will not only enable them to one day DJ at parties but open the opportunity like JaBig to travel the world.

This opportunity for youths to learn could open the door to other musical pursuits such as music production and sound engineering as this usually is the next step DJs take.  Imagine the impact that has for a young person who may feel that they have little opportunity because of where they live.   All because one person wanted to go around the world and share their knowledge and passion with them.”



Tim Blaq (Brisbane, Australia)

“I am so pleased that people from all around the globe will get the opportunity of having a top notch DJ like JaBig show them the DJ ropes with this amazing initiative. I have no doubt the lives of many will be changed by this program.”


Fuki Flex, DJ/Producer (Paris, France)

“Très bonne initiative que ce projet! Une façon d’aller à la rencontre d’un public et leur montrer l’envers du décor du DJing. Grâce à ce genre de projet, cela pourra créer de nouvelles vocations et permettre de donner de bonnes bases à tous ceux dont le mix, le metier de DJ interesse. Une formation adaptée pour un succès assuré :)” –



DJ Eric The Tutor (Montreal, Canada)

“When JaBig first presented his idea of DEX101 to me, my immediate reaction was “what a perfect fit”! JaBig has, in my opinion, 2 main passions: in equal measure these passions are DJ’ing, and helping those that live in less favourable circumstances (check his twitter feed for evidence).  This project will allow JaBig to combine both of these passions as he sets out on his ambitious quest to circumnavigate the globe by car.

DJ’ing is one of those magical activities that I believe most people have on their “I wish I could try that” list, and im very excited that JaBig will be enabling children from many different countries/backgrounds/ethnicities to try it, free of charge.” –



Larry Paiement (Montreal, Canada)

“When I first met JaBig, I was immediately impressed by his insatiable thirst for music.  We spoke of the history of music and the origins of the DJ.  In my opinion, it is this love and appreciation of music that is the foundation of every great DJ and JaBig has both of these qualities in abundance.

Music is universal and can be found in every culture and country.  It brings people together and overcomes the barriers of language.  The concept of traveling the globe and sharing the joys of DJing is a noble and worthy cause.  I wish nothing but success and good fortune to JaBig on his epic journey; one which will find him well received and welcomed by smiling faces wherever he goes.

God speed, JaBig.”


M’Leah (Montreal, Canada)

“JaBig is a wonderful teacher and friend.  A wild enthusiast about all sorts of music (although a house DJ himself, he taught me how to spin hiphop) JaBig is the ideal mix of patience and knowledge to help young, potential DJ’s realize their dreams.  Whether you wish to learn on CD players, turntables, or Traktor; whether you want to get into House, hiphop, or Funk & Soul; whether you want to spin for fun or spin professionally, trust me, Ja’s your man.

Not only did he help me spin in clubs all over Montreal, but even now, three years after moving out of the city, I still rely on the skills JaBig taught me for the gigs I have today. ”

What DEX 101 Attendees Say…

DJ Nukini (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil)

“During DEX 101, I was able to learn things that will change my perspective on music in general and especially about DJing.

The location, the equipment and the generosity with which JaBig transmitted his knowledge to the attendees are the perfect stimulus for beginners and those who already have some notion about the art of DJing.

The fundamentals were taught clearly and followed by hands-on practice during which we could feel that upbeat feeling of being behind the turntables!
As an instructor, DJ JaBig is no different from the friend who teaches generously. His dedication to know every student’s peculiarities make the course, although in group, seems totally individualized. In a competitive environment like the music’s, that kind of attitude is certainly a plus.”

Magnum DI (Toronto, Canada)

“JaBig is a straight shooter when it comes to teaching people how to DJ. I knew nothing about turntables, but with his patience he taught me the importance of how music really affect people.

Like what kind of music to play in what kind of different crowds.

I’m so glad he’s taking the time to teach others like me. I’ve always been a lover of music and now JaBig has inspired me to create music and I thank him.”

Tchans (Cotonou, Bénin)

“Trouver quelqu’un qui accepte de vous apprendre le DJ’ing n’est pas une chose simple, JaBig a accepté sans aucune hésitation. Il a la patience nécessaire à tout bon professeur, et m’a permis de découvrir l’art délicat du mix. Dex 101 est une super initiative, la musique est universelle et elle captivera facilement les jeunes.”


Funkeishadelic (Montréal, Canada)

“Homme au grand cÅ“ur et pédagogue de talent, il aime partager sa passion et ses connaissances avec le plus grand nombre. Patient et plein d’humour, il saura vous faire apprécier cet art qu’il pratique avec brio depuis plus de 15 ans, et vous donnera sans aucun doute la fibre du deejaying!”

Lire l’article au complet: “Les ateliers DJ de JaBig…”


Elie (Paris, France)

“Le cours de DJ est un cours ludique où vous allez apprendre les rudiments du deejaying, à faire vos propres mixes. Il y a une ambiance bonne enfant, sans prise de tête. Le prof est très passionné et dynamique.”

Maleesa Phommavongsay (Montréal, Canada)

“I have never touched a DJ’ing set before but JaBig made the basic learnings comfortable and exciting. Not only we had the chance to get hand-on experience with various equipement and be in a real club environment, but we also got our concerns and questions well answered because being a DJ ain’t that easy, but practice makes perfect.

I would recommend this course to any music lover who would like to impress a pair of ears, few ears or more! I couldn’t ask more of a better instructor, club venue and experience to break the ice.

Plus, JaBig contributes into society with his heart of gold and support of children. Music, people and love, what more would you want?”

J-Na (Dakar, Sénégal)

“L’ atelier est très interessant et on en sort enrichi, avec une petite fierté, en se disant finalement c’est pas simple le métier de Dj. Il requiert beaucoup de pratique, de sens de la musique et un soupcon de folie.  Ils sont pas artistes pour rien! lollll

On apprend les bases du DJ, en écoutant la musique avec une autre approche.JaBig est un bon pédagogue et a su nous expliquer les aspects techniques avec simplicité et beaucoup d’humour. Merci pour cette belle experience, que je conseille à tou ceux qui aiment la musique

Big Up au Sensei!”

“The DJ workshop was very interesting and enriching. I came out of it with a little pride saying I did it!!!!!! Loll. The art of Djing is not as simple as it seems. It requires lots of practice, and a touch of madness. You can learn basics, and understand how a DJ perceives a song with beats, speed and rhythm.

JaBig is a good instructor and was able to explain the technical aspects with simplicity and humor. Thanks for this experience, I advise it to all those who love music.

Big up Sensei!”

La Grande Amazone (Bruxelles, Belgique)

“I have always wanted to try Djing but it is something that always appeared to me as unreachable.

When I discovered JaBig’s workshop, I was very happy because DJ classes or workshops actually don’t exist out there, especially for beginners! Not only the course was very interesting as I learned the basics in only 2 hours! But also, it was a lot of fun! Learning how to DJ with books is impossible, practice is the only way! And to practice, you need the right tools.

I felt very privileged to have access to the best DJ material you can find and have an excellent DJ share his knowledge and tips!

This is a gold discovery!”


Ninja (Montréal, Canada)


” I fell in love with turntablism when I first heard Run-DMC 25-ish years ago. Now, with JaBig, I am learning all about their beauty. He has taught me the very basics of turntables, from finding where that power button is hidden, what all the fancy buttons do, how not to lose my hearing, all the way to learning about the intricacies of what to listen for and the magic of how to mix music — plus he helped me figure out what to look for in buying my first set of turntables!

JaBig’s passion will no doubt transcend through the hearts of the kids he will meet along his journey and will be an influence on making dreams come true – just as he has for me.”