How You + DEX 101 Fight Child Hunger Worldwide

DEX 101’s reason for existence is to make the art of DJing available to as many interested people as possible worldwide especially the youth and women. But, it has an equally important objective: to fight child hunger worldwide.

Copyright: WFP/Rose Ogola

As the person who started it all, we felt best to let JaBig explain the awareness and fundraising element of DEX 101  in his own words. Without further ado, let’s get to it:


I came up with this initiative after teaching a few friends how to DJ (they’re now pros) and showing the basics to total strangers who would ask me in the middle of my sets to explain to them how everything works (obviously, I would tell them to wait for another time as I was kind in the middle of something!).

You may not be aware of this or you have heard it so many times that your brain has learned to ignore it, but every six seconds a child dies because of hunger and related causes (16,000 children a day!).

I don’t know about you but to me, this is simply unacceptable especially given the fact that there are more than enough resources to feed every single hungry person on this planet.

This where DEX 101 comes in. The secondary mandate of the free DJ workshops is to raise awareness and funds to fight child hunger worldwide.

How does that happen? Well, DEX 101 workshops are free. In the past, we charged $100 per student and we sold out within minutes. Then we spoke to partners because we wanted to make it accessible to everyone no matter the financial situation.

But on one condition: that each attendee make a financial contribution no matter how big or small to help fight child hunger by literally and/or figuratively Filling the Cup. This contribution is 100% voluntary and is discretely brought up at the end of the workshop to avoid embarrassing & awkward moments!

Now, some people may feel that they do not have money to give and that’s fine. We encourage them to spread the message about the United Nations World Food Programme, the agency that feeds millions of children worldwide, to their social network whether online or offline.

I chose to use DEX 101 as one of many tools at my disposal to fight child hunger by supporting WFP’s school feeding program aptly entitled: School Meals.

In a nutshell, the UN agency provides nutritional meals to school children in developing countries.

The importance of this initiative is that it does so many things at once:
1) It provides proper food to children who would otherwise not eat
2) It encourages parents to send their children to school as they’ll be fed
3) It allows girls to attend school and be on their way to have the same opportunities as men’s when they grow up.

Please review the United Nations World Food Programme’s School Meals page for everything you need to know and how you can get involved with your own projects (they do a better job of explaining their project than me — obviously).

If you’re planning on attending a DEX 101 workshop, do so knowing that your participation not only gave you some insight into the art of DJing but also saved more lives than you can you think of. Oh by the way, 100% of your donation will be given to the WFP. Yup, ALL of the money!

In other words, thanks for taking the FREE DEX 101 DJ introductory workshop. You saved many lives.

JaBig (Montréal, June 2011)