Book a DEX101 DJ Workshop

Booking a workshop visit to community or city is pretty straightforward:

  1. Check out DEX 101’s current itinerary to see when we’re dropping by your state, province or city.
  2. Contact us by shooting us an email at with as much info as possible on your group, venue, community, etc…
  3. Choose one of the dates and times of day that best work out for you and your group.

That’s about it!

We do reply to every valid booking request that we receive as long as it corresponds to our mandate and legal mumbo jumbo put together by our trusted lawyers who want to make sure that you and us are covered.

Please note that even if we currently do not plan a visit to your area in the near future, if by a “sudden coincidence” there’s a strong demand from your region (thanks to you mobilizing a bunch of people to request a workshop visit for instance :)), we will gladly make a detour or expedite to you a DEX 101 “Special Team Unit”. Moral of the story? Send us an email nevertheless!

We look forward from hearing from you and to meeting you soon!

Again, the email addy is: