A LOVE Love Letter

by DEXters on February 17, 2012

In August 2011, DEX 101 hosted the youth from Leave Out Violence’s (LOVE) summer programs at Club UN in Montréal.

(Photo courtesy:  LOVE Québec Facebook Page)

Oh did we have so much fun!  (Unfortunately, we cannot post photographs yet because our dear JaBig forgot to get the youth’s parents to sign the waivers – luckily, they posted their own images on their official Facebook page. Note from JaBig: I did not forget; I did not hear my phone when it reminded me: the music was kinda loud! :))

As a matter of fact here is what the organisation’s official wrote to JaBig days and weeks after the introductory DJ workshop:

“I know I thanked you yesterday but I wanted you to know that it was said that this was the best activity of the summer so far! :)” Mikaella Goldsmith, Program Coordinator

“Juste pour te dire que tous les jeunes ont vraiment apprécié l’activité que tu as offerte hier. Ils étaient vraiment heureux quand ils sont revenus au bureau.
Donc, au nom de tous ces jeunes et de tous les membres de LOVE: Vivre sans violence, UN GROS GROS MERCI POUR LE SOUTIEN.” Kiki Dranias, Director of Marketing & Communications

(Loose translation for English speakers: Just to tell that every single youth enjoyed the activity that you offered yesterday. They were really happy when they came back to the office. So, in the name of all those young people and all the LOVE (Leave Out Violence) members: A BIG THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT.”)

LOVE was even kind enough to write a love letter to DEX 101.

Thank you guys, let’s do it again this summer when we drop by Montréal again!


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